Tuesday, July 16, 2019

They Are No Longer Here

I do a lot of thinking and the last couple of days my thoughts have been on all that was a part of my life four years ago but are no longer here. Today I have mostly been thinking about how much is no longer in my yard. 

For many years the front yard was like a carpet with beautiful St. Augustine grass. This year almost all of the grass for some reason was gone and weeds took over. My yard man scalped the yard and planted seed. Hopefully soon I will have another beautiful stand of grass to enjoy. 

When my daughter passed away this beautiful miniature azalea was given to us. It is no longer here because it was removed with all the larger diseased azaleas.  

 This liriope plant that my son-in-law gave me was also removed but shouldn't have been. I forgot to transplant it before all the diseased plants had to be removed.

This beautiful nandina is no longer here. The birds loved the berries and I loved the beautiful colors it displayed differently each season. 

This is the same nandina after the neighbor's yard caught fire and burned our yard up to the foundation of the house and burned the bush. It all died but I was able to get a little of it and plant it in a different area. Sadly it died over time too. It is an invasive plant and requires a lot of control but is worth the effort.

I brought this plant from my mother's garden when I went to visit her many years ago it is no longer here. Someone told me it is a wild plant.

Because of recent storm damage this beautiful crepe myrtle is no longer here. 

There are other plants and several trees that were here four years ago and are no longer here.  My yard is the barest it has been since 1975.

Many years ago I learned to appreciate, enjoy and be grateful at all times for all we are blessed with because we never know when it will no longer be around. 

There is still one azalea, one hydrangea, some iris plants, day lilies, butterfly bush, mock pomegranate and three crepe myrtles that bring me joy when they are in bloom.  

My yard looks very different than what it has over the years but I do still have beauty...just not as much. It will take some time but one day it will all come together and again I will have much beauty to enjoy. 

I will continue to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful flowering plants in my yard no matter how many there are...and know that I am blessed to have each of them. 

Friday, June 14, 2019

Two Favorites

Chancy on the bed getting ready to take a nap with two of his favorite things. 

He loves for me to play football with him and cheer when he makes what I call a 'touchdown'. His Dakota dog is his best buddy. 

Since we have had so much rain and many areas are still flooded in our state the mosquitoes are beyond terrible. We have not been able to stay outside for long because of them swarming us...so he spends lots of time napping with his favorite things. 

Speaking of mosquitoes, have you seen the commercial for one of the flea and tick prevention medications where the dog looks like he is howling the word "mosquitoes" ? I laugh out loud every time I see it and some days lately I have needed a good laugh. 

Hoping you all have had a good week and you will enjoy the weekend. 

Hugs to all and Chancy sends nose kisses.

Monday, May 20, 2019

He Never Fails

Chancy is not as active as he was when he was younger. I try to get some good photos of him when he is out and about but he does not like my planned photo shoots. 

When he sees me with the camera he turns his head and ignores me when I call him. 

He never fails to give me the 'stink eye' to try to make me and that camera go away. But sometimes I out wait him and get a nice one. 

After several minutes of waiting he finally posed for me...then I went away. He was so happy he ran around the yard with his tail wagging in the breeze. 

When he is working in his garden I try to get photos but he shows me his backside. lol I will keep trying and maybe one day I will get lucky. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Orange For Crockett

We are wearing orange in honor of sweet Crockett from Lonestar Cats at  https://lonestarcats.blogspot.com/  who suddenly and unexpectedly ran to the Rainbow Bridge. Hugs and love to all his family and friends he left behind. We will miss him we really enjoyed all the pictures of him with that cute little tongue out.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What a wonderful day

Chancy and I had a wonderful day Easter. One of my daughters, one of my sons and his wife came and spent most of the day with us. They brought food and it was yummy. Chancy enjoyed a few bites of my chicken.

My daughter wanted her picture taken in front of the azalea but the blooms were the same color as the pink on her dress so she moved over in front of the Bridle Wreath bush. 

I love this bush my dad gave it to me back in the early 70's and it has bloomed beautifully every year. 

I ordered top soil to spread on places in the front yard that have become low and it was delivered today. I am anxious to get it put out on the yard but we have heavy rain coming over the next few days so I will wait until the rain comes and goes. 

Chancy has already started his gardening but he will be ready to help me when I get started spreading the soil. I will have to send him to his special garden spot a few times I am sure...he will want to help me but he will want to dig and I want to spread and fill. lol

I hope you all have a wonderful May. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Mumsy Did You Hear Something

Mumsy did you hear something? I better go see what is going on. 

There is a man coming in our gate Mumsy you better come see. 

"It's okay Chancy he is coming to read the meter so they will know how much electricity we used last month. Thank you for letting me know...you are such a good guard doggie."